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German Shepherd For Sale

Price: $600.00
August 25, 2016
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German shepherd This beautiful girls name is Lucky, she is a rescue dog.We saved her from being put down. She has been chained up for most of her life, she’s been neglected, and hurt by her previous owners. She doesn't get along with other dogs so she will have to go to someone who doesn't have another dog.We decided to take her in and look after her whilst we find her a home that she can call forever. She’s a loving and loyal dog, she loves attention and also gives it. Lucky is 6 years of age. She’s toilet trained, so she won’t go to the toilet until you let her outside. She listens to you when you tell her to go outside, I keep her in the house all day until night time, then she goes outside to sleep. She doesn’t jump on you, she’s a very calm dog. Apparently she isn’t good around dogs, but I think she is. The lady who took her in made that statement because she got into a fight with her other dogs.


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Phone: +44 786 786 2525
Address: Washington, , Washington state, USA,
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